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Danny Kaye Arm!dancing: "You do the Eagle Rock with style and grace."
Colors of me, Me
Well I did threaten -- ahem -- promise to post a collage of Danny Kaye pics, didn't I? Here it is:

danny kaye arm dancing
(Click to view larger)

After this immersion in his work, the thing that impresses me most is how fluidly energy flows through his body -- especially his hands and fingers.

Knowing how well his mind absorbed the rhythms and nuances of so many different languages, I can't help but fantasize about what he could have done if he'd ever been exposed to American Sign Language: Was his genius specifically aural, or was it generally linguistic? If it were the latter, I'd love to be able to go back in time to an alternate universe and see what he could have done with a "ABC Story" (a story where each sign and/or qualifer must be the letters of the ASL fingerspelling alphabet, in order from A to Z; I've often wondered, btw, if BSL and Auslan have similar genres -- anybody know?)*

Links to my sources, with total running time of each clip (so you can get a sense of bandwith before you decide whether or not to click):

Top center: Finale: "Happy Ending" On the Riviera (1951; copyright 20th Century Fox) 9:46 (Song starts at ~6:38)

-- the Ultimate YAY! shot, non?

Perimeter, counterclockwise (starting from top left):

'The Thinker' The Danny Kaye Show (1963-1967; copyright CBS) 6:08

Louis Armstrong and Kaye: "When the Saints go marching in" The Danny Kaye Show (1963-1967; copyright CBS) 4:06

"Triplets" The Danny Kaye Show (1963-1967; copyright CBS) 2:16

"The Maladjusted Jester" (Paramount Studios; 1955) 6:23

"Ballin' the Jack" The Danny Kaye Show (1963-1967) 0:42

-- Origin of the subject line. This was actually written in 1913; I was surprised to learn that "rock" was used as slang for "dance" as early as that.

"Gypsy" The Danny Kaye Show (1963-1967) 2:13

*One of the best examples of an ABC story I could find online: "Checkmate": about two people sitting down and playing chess: "Checkmate" by Rob Nielson, 2008 1:47

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